Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services

by StudyHubGlobal
One of the most defining developments in contemporary healthcare is the transition from activity-based to value-based delivery. Currently, many healthcare providers are remunerated based on their level of activity.

Your Go-To Guide Abroad

We understand the stress and pressure moving to another country can cause. At StudyHub Global, we go the extra mile to help our students from the moment they engage with us to the time they depart towards their desired destination for study. Excitement at times give way to anxieties as one hears lot of experiences about the country, often true than untrue. As the student endure this transitional phase, we work closely with education providers so that all the necessities are met. Our agents are up to date with any visa requirement changes from respective department of immigration and are able to make sure that students match the requirements closely.

Our career counsellors guide you about the career opportunities you can acquire after completing your course abroad. You can also compile information during your study and can stay away from fake promises of providing you employment abroad by many fraudulent agents around the world. These jobs will actually lend you into working for unscrupulous employers for long period without pay against the local law. Our expert career counsellors advise you of all opportunities to work during and after the study.

We provide comprehensive guidance on how to look for appropriate part-time jobs and give pointers on the work culture in the respective country. We keep in touch with candidates for the duration of their education and equip them to face potential challenges they may encounter in a foreign land. Once candidates have completed their course in selected countries, we work with them to avail work permits and a residency status. We aim to become a trusted adviser that students can trust from before, during, and after the course of their overseas study. Our expertise in education services enable you to literally relax throughout the process, while we handle it all.