Education Counselling

Education Counselling

by StudyHubGlobal
When you are planning your education pathway it can be very stressful, time-consuming and utterly confusing. This looks even more difficult when you are considering international education. We are here to clear all of your queries and guide you in the right pathway.

Securing Favorable Options

It is common for students to slip into uncertainty regarding what to do next after the completion of their current degrees. If you are not sure what to do and where to turn to help, our student profiling and education counselling service is your first port of call. Our expert counselors will record your learning experiences, extracurricular activities, special talents, and academic achievements so far and lead you to the exact career path by helping you in choosing the right course at the right institution.

Our well-versed team of consultants conduct individual sessions to help students select the best country and educational program for their needs. Students are also given a detailed run down of available scholarships, eligibility criteria and work opportunities that pertain to the course or country they are interested in. Our team of dependable consultants conduct one-to-one counselling sessions to help students select the best university that meets their criteria. We help students zero in on a suitable course based on a variety of factors such as, subjects they are passionate about, budget constraints, country policies, etc. and outline all the steps involved in applying for a university abroad.

Preparation with Purpose

We also explain all their options with respect to sponsorship, accommodation, work opportunities and country-specific regulations. Our guidance counselors build an easy camaraderie with students and their parents, making it easy for them to clarify their doubts and squelch their fears. They will guide you in a personalized manner, keeping in view your educational goals, unique requirements and circumstances and will work out strategies to ensure you get the most from your education overseas.

The key is to keep all discussions open and honest by laying all the cards on the table. We make sure candidates are comfortable to voice their opinions and get placed in a university they are absolutely positive about.